We loved the former Boulder Creek Brewery and Restaurant.

We came here every week / weekend, for years, and enjoyed the local musicians, Craft beer, and way-above-the-bar cuisine that we consistently found here.

We loved the weekly Bluegrass jams, the local feel, and the general unpretentiousness of the place, yet still with amazing food and beverages (Not only Craft Beer, but there was also amazing in-house Craft Root-Beer as well!) -


My name is Joe, and I am here to do my best to bring this location back to life.

I understand the former owners worked hard to make this happen - and even opened a temporary establishment (The Boulder Creek Brewery Outpost) in the interim.

Alas, the local County challenges, as well as the difficult economics of the small town and the SLV location, made this difficult if not impossible for them to achieve.

New approach

We are now 2 years into revisiting this with a fresh approach, and 8+ years of distance, as well as new, streamlined fire-rebuild recognition and attiudes at Santa Cruz county - we have active permits now, and the new County Head Planner is all-for the rebuild!

We now have other investors in the company/project as well, and we are also seeking new sources of funding.

It will be tough, as Steve Wyman (One of the former owners) stated so eloquently in his original Facebook postings on the topic.


See our “Updates” menu at the upper right (or the ‘Posts’ link at the bottom of the home page) for the latest updates.


The company that owns the project, and the building, is Detailed Develpment LLC, a Wyoming Company, dba Boulder Creek Brewing Company.

The company responsible for Construction Management, design consulting, and cost-savings, is Bevridge Developent LLC. (CMAA Menber).

We have multiple partners in DDL, and I own Bevridge Development.


You may contact us at info@bouldercreekbrewing.com.