Now Seeking Funding

In addition to our forthcoming Patreon and Indiegogo campaigns, We are now considering various sources of additional funding:

  • Lenders, either private-money or commercial brokers, with competitive Rate / Terms

  • Silent investors - voting ($ $ $) or non-voting ($ S)

  • Active investors / partners:

    • Relevant business / fundraising skills
    • GC or relevant trade / license / skill
    • Restaurateur or Brewer
  • Lessee - Restaurateur or Brewer seeking long-term lease with TIs (See below) - able to shape design and development now at this early stage!

Of Note

  • Being an LLC, ownership is in “Units” rather than shares of the company that owns the building (Detailed Develpment LLC).
  • All these things are negotiable, for the right Investor / Partner - let us know what you propose that works for both of us.
  • For leases, Lessee will be expected to sign standard commercial lease agreement (Typically 5-10 years), and provide Tenant Improvmeents (TIs), eg brewing tanks, equipment, potential decor, furnishings, restaurant equipment, and the like.