Bart Bullington

Bart is a master Brewer of 20+ years, having mentored under Jack Whybark, at the Laguna Beach Brewing Company, in the late 90s and early 2000s.

Bart has since Co-Founded, and/or brewed at 11 other breweries, including:

  • Laguna Beach Brew Co 1995-2005
  • Old Baldy 2003- 2005
  • Raxx Brew Co (formerly Riverside Brew Co) 2005-2006
  • Baja Brew Co (Start-Up Consulting Brewer) 2006-2007 [Cabo! - Joe]
  • Union Cattle Co 2008-2009
  • Canon City Brew Co 2009
  • Solvang Brew Co 2010
  • Pints Colorado Belle Laughlin 2011
  • Vernal Brew Co 2012-2013
  • Absolution 2014-2019 [Founder! - Joe]
  • Valley Brew Co (Current!)
  • Others include Neptune, Fast Brews, Consultant / Gun for Hire, etc…

Here’s a quote from Bart:

“Bart, Bartley, Leon. Bartholomew, the Keeper of the Furrows of Grain, in Hebrew. From my earliest introduction to Beer, I have been an Advocate, it’s in my name. Enjoyed the Microbrewery boom and never looked back. Found a Home Brewery in Laguna Beach Brew Co. And plotted to take over the brewing world. Here we are today. Lots of Beer brewed, later. Lots of Awards. But still trying to figure it all out… "

Jack Whybark

  • Founding master Brewer (and local resident), Laguna Beach Brewing Company 1994-2003
  • Consulting brewer, Upland Brewing / Old Baldy