Hello BCB Co investors and interested parties!


As most of you know, our end goal is to resurrect the former Boulder Creek brewery and restaurant, in all its Glory, as the new Boulder Creek Brewing Company -

In addition to the world-class Brewery, this also includes: - Being known for its excellent food, as well as - A venue and destination for music and performances, specializing in bluegrass, Americana, and other genres.

Successes and Update - The Building

At last, we are now in a position to apply for commercial financing to complete the project. (At least the building shell, for starters…)

We’ve had some big successes, and have made great strides forward so far:

  • We have completed our investigations of the structural Integrity of the building, and the existing walls and foundations and they are solid - and provide a basis for rebuilding, without the need for the extensive duplicated structures in the previous plans.

  • The re-engineering is also now mostly complete - Our structural engineer, Morris Shaffer engineering, and our Designer / Architect Chris Baer of La Selva Design Group, have both done a great job so far with the plans and the county submission, and we are now working through the Change Order process.

As a result, we now have some bounded numbers to take to lenders / funders / investors, with even better ones on the way -

  • We have engaged a county liaison for the plumbing and septic services, of Kyle at Hogan Land Services , who is now working on our septic re-approval.

  • We have made great progress on the existing site, the debris is gone, and we are rebuilding the floor “as is” and removing the rot / strengthening, etc per the new structural plans.

  • The current plans have been revised and submitted to the county for re-approval, and we are expanding the mezzanine slightly in the back.

Update - The Brewery / Restaurant / Venue

  • We have a tentative Bar/Restaurant design and layout, with a banquet room and offices in the new mezzanine upstairs

  • A highly visible stainless brewing area, a bar, restaurant, kitchen, refrigeration/taps, etc

  • The front two thirds will still have the soaring exposed ceilings typical of a brew pub! (And great acoustics)

  • At least one (and likely two) stage(s) for performances (preliminary plans - completed shell is the 1st goal).

  • We now have not one, but two veteran Brewmasters engaged, who have worked together before - they are both highly-experienced veteran

- Bart Bullington - 20+ years experience, 12+ previous breweries, incl with Jack
- Jack Whybark - 25+ years experience, incl Laguna Beach Brewing Co with Bart

Look for an update and their Mini-Bios on the website shortly.

  • If you’d like to see and comment on the existing proposed design, just send me a note

Update - Financing and commercial funding, bids

  • Now is the time for the next round - both equity and debt/interest-based investment will be considered / offered

  • Private investments are still welcomed, (and preferred over commercial lenders!)

  • Refinance / Commercial loan applications are now underway (7 contacts so far, ~3 of which are still in process) - Send more referrals if you have them!

  • Contractor Bids (GCs - in toto) are underway (Currently from 4 General Contractors - 2 are in already) - Preliminary numbers indicate $600K-1.1M of savings over previous plans / bids

  • We still need new contractors too! Send us your referrals! (Both GCs and subs)

  • In addition to GCs for complete bids, we will consider: Framers, plumbing, electrical, drywall, crane operators, structural steel, trusses (both pre-built and onsite), flooring, doors/windows, HVAC, granite/stone counters, etc.

Update - Business Separation

We will also be likely splitting into two businesses - one to own the building, and the other to fund and run the Brewery / Restaurant business - this makes sense for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that investors, funders, and lenders expect them that way.

So, Keeping in mind our goals of Brewery / Foodie destination / Music Venue, whether we help put together both sides, or just help a new third party / investor with either the building and/or the brewery it’s all good

For example, SBA startup funding is available for the Restaurant/Brewery business side, but not if there’s real estate involved.

Separating the two also makes leasing make sense - both to the two businesses, as well as to lenders / investors - lenders prefer to see a lease, which makes the financial calculations simpler.

Conclusion - Interest, Contact, Referrals

Please contact me for more information if you’d like to be included in the next round of funding - and which side (or both) you’re interested in - the building itself (Detailed Development LLC), or the Brewing business (Boulder Creek Brewing Co).

Frankly, I’d rather finance it privately, than go to a commercial lender, but either way, we’re ready to move forward, and finally now have some well-founded (and much lower!) numbers to go with!

Again, let me know if you have any referrals, or if you’re interested in participating.

Thanks again,

Best Regards, joe

Detailed Development LLC Boulder Creek Brewing Co joe@bouldercreekbrewing.com

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